Friday, November 5, 2010

White Blank Walls

The apartment is full of white blank walls.  Hardly a break in their infinite emptiness.  It has been incredibly restful to see their expanse and not be distracted by the images and thoughts of others.  This makes me incredibly aware of how our homes are filled with important memories and mementos - which indicate our love for and approval of others.  I realize that serving as a care taker of so many "things" keeps us from taking care of ourselves.  It has happened before - this recognition that too much stuff is in our lives - too many things clutter our steps and our minds.  So I am diving deep in the simplicity of this apartment and allowing the emptiness to fill me up with ideas and energy.  Who knows whether I can take this back home - I have never been successful in the past and probably don't need to be.  For now - this is peace.

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