Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life and Death

A full week it has been.

Diane Griffin arrived on Saturday (10/23) and Nancy Wells arrived on Monday (10/25) -- our travels together filled Germany, Austria and Italy with the laughter and conversation that comes from knowing one another for ages - through good and sad times.  We, in turn, filled our hearts with friendship and our bodies with all sorts of good eats - speck, goulash, spatzle, vegetable strudle, Weiner schnitzel, cheese(s), breads, torte, tea, coffee, wine, and beer.  South Tyrol embraced them and they wrapped their arms around Emma and Gottfried.  Of course, it was castle, burg, cathedral, church at every turn and then snow to boot.  Magical moments - the fullness of life.

And then ... on Thursday (10/28), we learned that Lindsay died from her own hand.  She lived with us for a little over two months in 2009 shortly after arriving in Boone and while waiting for repairs in her apartment to be completed.  A lovely young woman, seemingly overjoyed by her love for Jake and happy about her friendships.  At twenty-nine, she was too young to know that time, love, and friendships smooth out the raw and jagged edges of life.

So, I leave you with an inspiring story that encourages us to live long and in love.  Take time to see.

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