Sunday, October 24, 2010

Through the eyes and ears of friends

Sharing a place I love with people I love deepens my feelings for both.  Stone patterns, fields, houses, and people are seen differently by others.  They call my attention to places and moments I have seen a hundred times and can now see newly again.   Diane's visit has been a gift!

And today - three year old Katarina visited us. At one point, she looked at me very deeply and finally asked, what happened to my face?  I was a little confused and asked her what she meant.  She took her fingers and touched my cheeks - where the little red veins show through my very pale skin.  I asked her, "what did she think happened?"  She responded that a bird must have that flown down and pinched them hard.  I could think of no reason not to agree.

Later, she sat in my lap and demanded that I read her book "faster and louder." It didn't matter to her that I was clearly out of my element. The book was The Little Pigs and it was written in Italian;  maybe I should have used Pig Latin!?  In the end, she made clear was that as long as I was holding her and we were involved with the book, she was happy.  Simple pleasures transcend language. 

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