Friday, October 22, 2010

Freedom ... the internet and a telephone number

Jimminy Christmas!  What was I thinking? 
"Let's detach," I said.
"Let's step away and see what really matters to us," I implored.
"Wasn't it lovely to be in the Grand Canyon for a whole week and be concerned with only what was happening in the immediate?"  I asked superiorly.

I'll tell you what is important to me.  I need the instant gratification of information and communication.  I love asking a question and then putting it to Google to satisfy my query.  I want to call my Dad every week and learn that my sisters and brother are the same and to hear my Dad say he loves me.  I love doing this without standing at a public phone with a flashlight and phone card or spending $50 to hear the voice of a friend when I have finally decided that my German isn't good enough to appreciate the NRP-like commentary on the Bayrisches Rundfunk.  And, while I resisted the Kindle when I received it last Christmas, it has been the most amazing friend ever.  Swiftly and quietly sending me books to devour so that my mind won't turn to poo.  Reviews for Freedom (Franzen); Room (Donoghue); A Dog's Purpose (Cameron); and Same Kind of Different as Me (Hall and Moore) will be posted soon.  Peter is writing every day ... and I am seeking stimulation from the minds of others. 

I can only say that today, Deutsche Telecom answered my prayers and liberated my soul.  See my fingers dance!

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