Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Covering Familiar Ground with Friends

Matt arrived on Sunday, November 21st and we have been on the road ever since.  Dachau was frozen-breath cold;  gray and desolate.  We felt the weight of human cruelty.  This was followed by one of Joni's intuitive drives through Munich that led us to lunch at one of our favorite German restaurants. Matt went with the full mixed grill of German sausage and meats - an Atkins Diet favorite.  Then we spent the rest of the day exploring the excessive expanse of Nymphenburg Palace - the beginning of our tutelage of Matt regarding the Wittelsbach family.

Monday was Chiemsee and the Herrenschloss.  Ludwig II delighted us as ever.  Tuesday, a detoured train ride to Munich (love the Bavarian ticket) with Frauenkirche, Michaelskirche, Theatinerkirche, kiss the pig, lunch with Sabina (best pizza in the city), Mauer's light store, the treasury and Residenz (continued tutelage of the Wittelsbachs), Hofbrauhaus, and uneventful train ride back home. Wednesday, Matt and Joni took Salzburg - its Christmas market, Hohensalzburg Festungs, Italian lunch, Collegiumkirche, and the Bishop's church. 

Today is the last full day before Matt flies to London... what will it bring?

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