Sunday, November 14, 2010

Connections - around the world

The idea of a global community is simultaneously insane and real.  Bauer Sucht Frau - a reality television show that is rooted in the belief that every farmer needs a wife for the farm to survive makes sense only in a country where independent farms are highly valued - Germany and Austria are two such countries.  This phenomenon does not translate in American culture and suggests that there are no universal communities.  Yet, contact with friends and family throughout the world is available and after phone calls, emails, facebook, and skype with Micki, Nikki, Susan, Al and Cindy the distance between Bavaria and Boone becomes invisible.   Mason in Nashville, TN, Dad in Wilmington, NC, Maria in Charleston SC, Kay in Hong Kong --- we have all communicated about topics or questions on our minds - thousands of miles apart.  And then, there is the transportation that brings us together in other places --- Hank, John, Nancy, Diane, and soon to be Matt, Emma, and Martina.  I marvel at the time in which I live.

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