Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunshine, Blue Skies

Weather sets the mood and Peter decided we needed to thwart the blues today.  Last weekend's Indian Summer (?) was followed by three days of cool, gray, foggy rain.  When we got up this morning and saw a similar outlook, Peter took action.  We got in the car and headed to Austria and to the other side of the mountain and sure enough ... that silly old sun was hanging out there!  The road to Kössen was familiar - we had traveled it many times with Micky.  Kössen is an old border town and hikes up the Wild Kaiser are approached from here.  A few kilometers away from downtown Kössen is the Hotel Peternhof - an all-inclusive golf and beauty resort.  It was an old farm that underwent this amazing transformation.  The walks around the place are pretty spectacular.  After a delicious lunch (Peter had yummy Speck Knodel, Kraut and Potatoes and I had a delicious Lentil Soup), we drove back to Germany ...

... and that silly old sun followed us all the way home.
Restaurant in Kössen (not our car)

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