Thursday, November 11, 2010

To give rather than to receive

Katarina with her processional lantern

Church pagent about St. Martin
Today is St. Martin's Day and we went to church in Grabenst√§tt at 5 pm.  The place was full of children and it was so exciting.  A pagent was performed that told the story of Martin who was a solider who did good things for others.  Eventually, he became a bishop and continued his good work.  (This is the condensed version of the story.)  All of the children brought lanterns that were lit as we left the church and we walked from the church through the town, through the old age home, by the cemetery, and then to the school where there was a huge bonfire and food for all.  The main purpose is to remind us to share and take care of one another.  This is especially true for the children - so that as we enter the Christmas season, we focus on the giving rather than the getting.  A nice way to begin this season.

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