Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Retraining Muscles

So - the suitcase was too heavy.  I was told before we boarded Amtrak to New York to catch QM2.  I had to take 10 pounds out and put into my "carry on" - the lovely red handbag that matched my swirling 4 wheeled monster.  My Dad gave them to me and I always feel so apparent when I use them.

The end result... deltoid strain/tear.  After 2 cortisone shots and a week's worth of pain relievers, I am now in rehab.  It is awesome.  The bottom line is that Julia (my therapist) wants to re-train my muscles.  The deltoid injury has caused my trapedius muscle to seize up and create incredible strain in my neck which has led to unbelievable pain in my left arm.  What intrigues me is that the pain to retrain the muscles will make it better.  And today - there was immense pain but already, after a rush of blood and feeling into my hand, it is better.

I have never been one to associate pain with healing.  The "no pain, no gain" campaign has not been something I understood.  Yet now, the notion that new strength can come from painful re-training make sense to me.  Another cliche becomes a true metaphor in life.

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