Sunday, January 23, 2011

South Tyrol - walks and talks

Only 2 days after we returned from Marrakesh, we found ourselves back in South Tyrol. Nadja and Merko returned from Vietnam and we picked them up from the airport in Munich and drove them to Sterzing. Following a good night's sleep (we arrived at 1 am), we drove to Afers. Emma - as always - welcomed us and we stayed from Monday through Wednesday. It would have been longer but the weather report suggested that Thursday would be 0 degrees and precipitation --- not a good day to travel. During our brief stay, we managed a walk to our favorite Alm. The return trip required a little sledding time on our butts since it was simply too icy to try and walk down. A beautiful day in the Alps.

Pietler Kofl in the Dolomites
Peter bei Schätzer Hütte- he worked there as a teenager and as a child herded cows on the Alm
Joni at the Schätzer Hütte with Ortler Alps (Italy) in the background.
Skiers on the Plose.
The end of the run.

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