Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year - Familiar Paths

Our afternoon walks through the countryside are wonderful.  There are two in particular that we like in Erlstätt - one takes us over a hill and into a neighboring village and the other through a field and a forest.  The snow is deep and falls regularly and yet we are always amazed at the number of people who walk every day on these paths.  Neither of us can remember what could be seen prior to the winter white.  In the spring, it will probably feel like we are in another place.

The field and forest
Sometimes we feel like we are walking in Siberia
The school buses do not go to every house.  If you lived on this farm, you would walk about a mile to catch the bus. German community development is very strict about where houses can be built and which services are connected.  Farms like this are extremely important to the economy.  Bavarian dairy production relies on such farms and they surround us.  At the same time, mass transit works where the majority of the people live (in the village).  Children of farmers are either met by their parents at the bus stop or they walk to the bus stop.  School has not been canceled a single time this winter.

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