Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marrakesh - The Saadian Tombs

We are easy to spot.  We are tourists seeking the Saadian Tombs in Marrakesh.  We are all walking around with sunglasses, backpacks, and maps.  There is NO signage to this amazing discovery and guidebooks warned us... "you will be approached by seemingly friendly residents who will lead you to the tombs and expect payment once you are at the door."  How hard can it be to find this extraordinary archeological discovery by pilots flying over Marrakesh in 1917?  Apparently - very hard.

We eventually stumbled upon a business man who was willing only to point the way - and paid the 10 Dirham entrance fee (less than 1 euro) each.  We are talking about a cemetery.  I have problems with the notion that I should pay someone to show me where the cemetery is... and that might be MY problem, not theirs.

The Tombs are an astonishing site of solitude and peace ... beautiful, quiet, calm and restful in this tumultuous city.

We shared the secret pathway with the next tourists we saw -- backpack and map in hand - and we did not ask them for money.

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