Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reflections and images of Marrakesh

There is so much more to share about Marrakesh than you would like to read so I will share these pictures and an observation. 

The reason I like Marrakesh more than Casablanca or Agadir is because of Jemaa El Fna.  The central market place of Marrakesh is a jumble of everyone - poor and rich, visitor and resident.  Rather than the false separation of the coastal towns (rich on the beach, poor beyond the shores)... everyone meets in the middle of Marrakesh.  It is vibrant, noisy, open, and alive because everyone has space in the middle. 
The chickens on the back of his bike are alive.
Do you realize how difficult it is to keep Peter from buying carpets?
Dancers and Musicians
Fragrant flowers and herbs
Unbelievably good orange juice - fresh, pulpy and sweet!

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