Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Gift of Making Memories

The fourth Sunday in Advent... I took the Advent Wreath into the "sick room" (Peter and the Grippe) tonight so that we could light the candles together.  And, it was time to give him another cup of tea and catch him up on the activities of the afternoon (since he slept through it all).

Katarina came upstairs around 3 pm and we baked Christmas cookies.  Now, I am "making do" with the whole baking scene.  Remember, we don't want to buy things that we aren't willing to leave behind, so I didn't buy a rolling pin or Christmas cookie cutters - have a blue moon million at home.  Instead, we used the 10 inch cylindrical, pottery vase as a rolling pin and a drinking glass to cut out the dough.  Katarina is only 3 years old ... she'll get over any baking nightmares I might have created in her young life.  Boy, she is bossy!  (And, I know bossy.)

 Katarina rolling dough.  Note the crown.
Don't know if the kitchen is big enough for a queen and a princess!

First, she tells me that we need a little "mehl" so that the dough won't stick.  I am so on top of this - here comes the flour.  Then she says, we only needed a little and this was a lot.  Next, she is sure that she needs to roll out the dough but confronts me on the use of a vase as not what she needs.  I show her how to use it as a roller and she looks at me and sighs.  Clearly, I have a lot to learn about baking but she takes the vase/roller and goes after it.  All of a sudden, she realizes she needs an apron.  Viola~ I have one but she cannot tell me enough times that it is too big for her.  I wrap and roll it up so it is above her feet which subdues her anguish.  You can imagine her comments over using the drinking glass to cut out the cookies.  And remember, I am being chastised in German the whole time.  She also knows Italian - but today, the only Italian word she used was grigio as she described the color of the silver/gray sparkles.  She said they were the same color as my hair.  Nice.  Wendell, I need you.

I believe I know who will remember more of this day.  Below - the results of our efforts.

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