Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Gift of GIFTS

Yesterday, a package arrived from home.  Sweet sister Kelly sent us a box of gifts, wrapped with love.  As we opened the ones that said "Open Now!" we thought about the joy of past Christmas mornings with our family.  Stocking gifts are perhaps the best.  Nothing is wildly expensive in them (with the exception of the roll of stamps that Dad usually slides inside) but every item is a reminder of how lucky we are.  No doubt, Kelly spent as much to mail the box as she spent on the gifts ... but there will never be a way to tell her how much this package meant to us.  My father sent us a prettily wrapped box containing a ziplock bag - filled with the shredded remains of a check I had mailed for him "to handle a piece of personal business." 

Later in the day, we had a Ya Ya Christmas celebration.  At 5 pm (our time), 11 am (Boone time) - we skyped with our dear friends at home.  There were champagne and wine toasts on both ends of the call and presents to open as well.  The conversation reassured us of the well-being of our dearest friends - especially as they reported the expected arrival of their children and family members from all over the country.  We have known these kids forever and love each of them so much.  Hannah from Colorado, Mason from Tennessee, Walker from Florida, Davis from "off the mountain in Louisburg." Will, who returned home from New York as a fragile bundle of broken bones in July, is recovering well from an accident.  From a picture his mother sent us - he reminds us that being young has its advantages and the care of parents can work miracles!

We are so grateful for our friends and so amazed to live in these times.  Merry Christmas!
Our little Christmas tree - the candles are real!

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