Sunday, February 20, 2011

Splendid Vienna - the achitecture

One of our very favorite cities is Vienna.  In every way, she reflects the grandeur of a capitol city most especially because of the extraordinary architecture, wide boulevards, and open parks.  My favorites are the 19th century apartment houses but then, I turn a corner and see Jugenstile from the early 20th century and I question my first choice.  Turn another corner and a stunning yellow Baroque palace, most associated with Maria Theresa in the second half of the 18th century,  stops my heart. No doubt I look like a "peasant come to town" as I gawk at the fantastically designed store fronts and sophisticated citizens wearing stylish leather boots and full-length fur coats.  If I lived here (or Salzburg), I have to admit, I would wear one too.
Kettenbrückengasse - beautiful buildings (and the Nasch Markt - more that later).
Close up of one of the pretty apartment buidings.
Schönbrunn - Maria Theresa's summer palace -  the unfinished palace was a gift from her daddy.
One of the Jugenstile facades.

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