Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tying up last minute details

Cleaning out the freezer and fridge for the renters was a walk down memory lane!  Duck stock?  When did I make that?  Mustards galore from Peter's 70th birthday party (Brats and Beer).  And two dried rose buds in a plastic bag from my Mother's funeral.

We have promised ourselves that we will not be held hostage by the stuff of life - you know, maintaining a fancy storage facility (our home) to hold the things we have collected along the way.  We were amazed and disgusted by the number of clothes and shoes that we put up in the attic so the closets would be empty.  Maybe this year will be about shedding so many unnecessary things and learning to hold on to each other and what really matters most.

Like two dried rose buds in a plastic bag.

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